Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are a subtle yet elegant product, practical for just about any situation and available in a fabric to suit any interior decor and budget. Roller blinds can be motorised or controlled by a chain.


4 Types of Roller Blinds

Nomad Blinds manufactures Roller Blinds in four main categories:

  1. Blockout Roller Blinds - ideal for bedrooms and home cinemas these fabrics block out light and reduce heat, blockout fabrics give you privacy and protect furniture and flooring from sun effects like fading and bleaching.
  2. Translucent Roller Blinds - Ideal for living areas these fabrics reduce light, reduce heat, offer privacy and protect furniture and flooring from sun effects like fading and bleaching. These fabrics are ideal when both privacy and light are wanted but no view is required.
  3. Transparent / Sheer Roller Blinds - Ideal for living areas these fabrics reduce light, reduce heat, offer protection for furniture and flooring from sun effects like fading and bleaching. These fabrics are ideal when light is required, these fabrics also offer limited view through.
  4. Screen / Sheer Roller Blinds - Ideal for living areas these fabrics reduce light, offer heat reduction and glare control while maintaining the view.

All our blinds with varying efficiency reduce the heat as well as stop direct light, to help protect furniture, remove glare from TV and computer screens and help insulate the home during the winter.

Roller Blind Fabrics

Whether you are looking for a Sunscreen fabric which gently filters the light into your room while reflecting heat and glare, or a Transparent / Translucent (privacy) fabric which also allows light in to your room or even Blockout fabric to darken your room and provide privacy while you sleep, we promise that we can find a Roller Blind fabric to suit your situation.

Standard Options Available

Nomad Blinds stocks componentry from Acmeda in its range of Roller Blinds. Acmeda systems are a high quality design and the most popular system in Australia. The Acmeda system is a very highly engineered robust system capable of handling wide spans and awkward corner situations as well as handling standard scenarios with ease.

Couplings Systems

This option is great for a number of different situations as it allows for two blinds to be controlled by one drive system (Chain Clutch or Tubular Motor).

Across wide sliding and bi-fold doors, central unsightly chains can be reduced.

Double Blind Systems (Combo, Duel or day and night)

This option allows you to have two Roller blinds in one window, which is an advantage to those who do not wish to compromise between fabrics. For instance you can opt for a fabric to give complete privacy and block out the sun's light and heat, and another to reduce heat and glare while retaining some natural light and view.

Spring Assisted

On larger blinds the use of motors is advised as the pull force necessary to lift your blind by chain clutch alone can become a little difficult. However if it is not possible to run the necessary wiring for motorisation, then a spring booster can be retro fitted to your chain operated blinds thus reducing the pull force needed to lift larger blinds. 

Motorisation (Home Automation) Somfy 5 Channel Remote Control

Nomad blinds works with some of the world largest manufacturers of motors including Somfy and Becker to create a motorised solution for your windows, sliding doors or projector screens. We can provide you with several options including remote control, wall mounted switches, and even timer and sun and wind sensor controlled systems. We are also able to link our motorised systems in with your home automation system (C-BUS etc).

We also offer Battery and solar powered motors for thouse who can not run 240v wiring  

We now offer a range of App controled blinds or Smart Blinds including Acmeda ARC Automate pulse Featuring Bi-directional communication, Somfy Mylink, Becker b-tronic smart central unit, and igloo options.  

Specialty Options

Home Cinema

Nomad Blinds works with the highest quality projector screen fabric to create sleek, motorised projection screens for use in your home cinema.
We can fit your home cinema with a motorised projector screen and block out blinds for maximum light reduction which can all be controlled from a single remote.
Our motorised systems are C-BUS compatible so you can control the blinds, the projector screen, surround sound, and DVD player from the one remote.

Media, Advertising & Branding on Printed Blinds

Nomad Blinds can have your company logo or product image printed on a high quality roller blind (motorised or chain driven). Your image or logo can then be displayed in your shop front, meeting rooms; boardrooms or you can even provide them for display in your customer's windows. This is a unique new form of advertising that is a great way to create brand awareness. Nomad Blinds will handle all the manufacturing, printing and installation whether it is onsite at your offices or off site at your customer's place of business.

We use very high quality printers to make sure that your images resist sun damage and with up to 5 years warranty on some of the fabrics we guarantee our product will satisfy your needs.

Other systems

Nomad can manufacture in other systems if you have a project that needs matching systems to existing blinds  

Rollease System

Designed in America, Rollease are the inventors of the Chain Clutch mechanism which makes the Roller Blind possible. Also capable of wide spans, this system allows for higher margins of error by utilising a spring pin to expand and contract in width. 


Jai offer a diverse range of systems and options


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