External Blinds & Awnings

External Roller blinds are unsurpassed in giving protection from the harsh Australian sun. Whether you want to protect a small room or a large outdoor area, Nomad Blinds offers a comprehensive range of both contemporary and classic solutions for shading your windows and outdoor entertainment areas. Protect your home from the sun using an external roller blind.

Our Products are manufactured using the highest quality components so you can be sure they will survive the weather no matter how hash the conditions. Nomad blinds specialises in the manufacture and supply of motorised sun protection systems and sun and wind sensors so your home is protected even when you're not there.

External Blinds give a higher level of heat reduction than internal blinds as the heat is stopped before it penetrates the room.

Externals provide a practical way of managing the sun's heat and light while maintaining a minimalist look on the inside of the home.

Nomad Blinds manufactures its External roller system using the Acmeda system which utilizes Aluminium instead of gal steel tubing, reducing the overall cost of the blind and increasing its' resistance to rust.

Materials Used

Nomad has an extensive range of technical fabrics suitable for external use with features like stain, mold, water and UV resistance. Fire Rated and colour fast fabrics are also available. Many of the fabrics we supply are considered marine grade, capable of withstanding hash natural environments. Clear PVC fabrics are also available for cafe blinds.

These Technical fabrics come in a range of classic and modern designs to suit your external decor.

Nomad Blinds manufactures External Roller Blinds in four main categories

  1. Blockout External Roller Blinds - ideal for bedroom, bathroom and home cinemas windows these fabrics block out light and reduce heat. Blockout fabrics give you privacy and protect furniture and flooring from sun effects like fading and bleaching.
  2. Translucent External Roller Blinds - Ideal for living areas these fabrics reduce light, reduce heat, offer privacy and protect furniture and flooring from sun effects like fading and bleaching. These fabrics are ideal when both privacy and light are wanted but no view is required.
  3. Screen External Roller Blinds- Ideal for living areas these fabrics reduce light, offer heat reduction and glare control while maintaining the view.
  4. Clear PVC External Roller Blinds - Generally used for Cafe Blinds

All our blinds with varying efficiency reduce the heat as well as stop direct light, to help protect furniture, remove glare from TV and computer screens and help insulate the home during the winter.

Options Available

Cable Guides

Nomad's Cable guide system uses a series of components designed to remove the need for expensive crimping tools and simplify the installation process.

Button Guides

Similar to a side channel system, button guides do not create a complete blockout but provide a secure channel for the fabric to run up and down in.

Head Box (Cassette System)

Nomad blinds can manufacture your external roller blinds with a head box or cassette which finishes off your blind neatly and protects the roll from the elements.


Nomad blinds works with some of the world largest manufacturers of motors including Somfy and Becker to create motorised solutions for your External Roller Blinds. We can provide you with several options including remote control, wall mounted switches, and even timer and sun and wind sensor controlled systems. We are also able to link our motorised systems in with your Home Automation System (C-BUS etc).

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